A false interpretation 

A web of deception they have used to tie us with tithing is a false interpretation of this verse
Hebrews 7:8

“And here men that die receive tithes; but there he receiveth them, of whom it is witnessed that he liveth.”
They say the men that die is the house of Levi, which is true 
But they now say “he receiveth them” is talking about Jesus, because it the phrase “he liveth.” 
But the context shows that the person being referred to was Melchizedek, as a way to show the superiority of the New Covenant, and not as a adoption of tithing into the New. 
It was made clear that since Levi paid tithe in the loins of Abraham to Melchizedek, and Melchizedek blessed him, it is clear that Melchizedek is superior to Levi. 
So “there he receiveth it” is talking historically about the tithe Melchizedek received from Abraham. Not Jesus receiving tithe. 
The point is to show that Jesus is superior, not that Jesus is a copy of Levi. Jesus does not receive tithe. 
“Jesus is a priest in the order of Melchizedek” does not mean Jesus is a copy and paste of Melchizedek. It is an establishment of his superiority to the Levi, so that you don’t think his not coming from the house of Levi disqualifies him from being our true high priest. 
His priesthood is not involved in collecting your money, the money you should use to buy clothes and food. 
The phrase “he liveth” just meant that Melchizedek was a valid historical figure from the evidence of scriptures and not a myth. It is not more than that. 
These people’s stupidity is contagious. We need to recover our sound minds.


Jesus never paid tithe because he was a carpenter not a farmer 

Jesus never paid tithe because he was a carpenter not a farmer 

When he mentioned tithing he mentioned it specifically with farm products: cumming etc

There is a sense in which whatever is tithed must come from nature (animal farming and crop farming) and nothing else.

Those who want to trace the practice of tithing to Abraham have an uphill task on their hands

Because they would have to prove that Abraham tithed all the time and from his own work. 

Those who want to trace tithing to the words of Jacob also have an uphill task, they would have to provide evidence that he fulfilled his promise

Those who want to trace tithing to Levitical practice have the most uphill task to climb because there is now no such order recognised by God. To say otherwise is to claim that Jesus never died.

Those who want to trace tithing to Malachi really has no basis except to link it back to the levitical priesthood, nothing else. And I won’t repeat why that does not hold water anymore. 

None of the Apostles tithed because they were not involved in farming (cultivating).

The allowance in the old testament for the person to turn his animals and crops into cash because of long distance from the temple was a concession.

It was very clear that God has a thing against cash. He knows cash corrupts, and can lead to accumulation. If tithe is animal and crop, you can only eat it and not hoard in the way mammon can be hoarded (using very small space and for an “infinite” time, unlike animal and agricultural products) and we would have corruption in the house of God because the love of money has been and would remain the root of all evils. That means when you break evil down, there is a love of money lurking somewhere there. 

Peter who was a Fisherman did not pay tithe. Fishing involves no cultivation. 

Jesus had support from the women who gave him cash and he never tithed them in the sense of taking them to the temple. Because the understanding was that it had to be animal or crop products that you produce yourself. 

He was a carpenter and never tithed. 

When the economy was changing in Israel and around the world and cash started to gain som prominence, the minders of the temple decided to modify things, change with the tide. They started collecting temple tax. Jesus protested privately against it, but paid it anyway, reluctantly, not willingly. 

The culture of tithing as practised by many of the church now is not different from the temple tax. They put the name of God on it, but Jesus says the sons are free from any form of levy in the kingdom. 

But they have to latch on to scriptures as much as possible to have some measure of legitimacy. 

But really there is no biblical basis for tithing in any sense whatsoever. 

Some would say, how would the church be funded then? There are churches who have stopped pushing tithing and the giving has increased. Tithing and fear go together and fear has to do with bondage. 

Some would fight me that tithing is working for them. 

Very good. But those who worship idols would say the same thing. Because something worked does not make it truth. 

And don’t tell me Kenneth Hagin said Holy Spirit told him that someone was sick because he did not tithe. 

If I allow that to sway me from truth, then I would have to be called an Haginnian not a Christian. 

Thank you

​Jesus didn’t promise that Christians would be materially richer than unbelievers

Jesus didn’t promise that Christians would be materially richer than unbelievers. 

He said you should seek first the kingdom and you would still have what the gentiles are seeking for. He did not say the gentiles won’t get what they are seeking for. 

His mission was not to get you to compete monetarily with the unbelievers. Not at all. 

Anyone teaching you, from the pulpit, how to make more money, is wasting your time. Jesus did not send that messenger. He is on his own.

The prosperity message is false. If it is not false then only believers should be rich. It is a waste of your time. Turning God into a vending machine. That is not the true gospel. It is another gospel.

Somebody may ask: So are Christians supposed to be poor? That question is wrong, it presents a carnal definition of riches which is prevalent in our pulpits and so we have carnal Christians all over the place. 

The right question is: what does the believer have in Christ? Everything. That is the way we lift Jesus up and everyone is drawn to him, rather than lift money up in the house of God. 

When you read the Old Testament and all you see is prosperity in the material sense, the words of Paul have come to pass in your life that “When Moses is read, a veil is over their eyes.” 

If in the Old Testament you see secrets to material riches and not the eternal riches that already you have in Christ, then a veil is over your eyes. 

It is time for you to turn to the Lord so that that veil will be torn. It is time to stop seeing prosperity secrets from the Old Testament and start seeing Christ and his finished works. 

When you turn to the Lord, the veil will be removed and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. 

The church has not known liberty, tied as it is, to the apron string of the law, with which it seeks to have “prosperity.”

This is the Laodecian church all over again, in which they think they are rich because of their mega cathedrals but they are poor, spiritual empty, having neglected the true riches in Christ for the material gospel. 

And this is not talking about fasting, prayer or holiness, just the infinitely great finished works of Christ, with a focus on eternal relevance and God dwelling in man. What can be a greater treasure? 

Jesus is calling: “Turn to me. Turn to me for true riches.” He is at the door and knocking, because we have closed the door to him who is light and life and have turned to the law which has offered us blindness and death, having disregarded the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus, embracing the law of sin and death. 

The opposite of liberty is bondage. The earthly Jerusalem, Paul wrote, is in bondage, with all her children. Earthly Jerusalem stands for earthly mindedness. When you see earthly riches in the Old Testament, you are in bondage. 

Have you not read: if you seek to be justified (approved by God) by (via the observance of) the law, you have fallen from grace. That was stated without equivocation. It means with your own hands you cut yourself from grace. 

And Jesus is full of grace. How would you experience him fully, if you are still seeking to be justified by the law, by which you fall from grace?

If you seek to qualify for the favour of God, it means you have disregarded the sacrifice of Jesus, seeking to make your own sacrifices. You have rejected righteousness by faith, seeking to establish your own righteousness. But the road is closed. 

It is time for the liberty. The trumpet of Jubilee have sounded, you are free from the observance of the law (and the bondage it typifies) in anyway and in any form. It is time for us to be reconfigured in our inner perception. 

Thank you

​Manifestation of sons

Manifestation of sons

What marks Sons is liberty.

Paul wrote that the creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God, so that it can be delivered from corruption into the glorious liberty of the sons of God. 

The sons are free, they pay no levy in the kingdom. 

Until the church move away from bondage to the law, and specifically tithing, we would continue to be children still subjecting ourselves to human regulations (tradition of men) masquerading as truth of God. 

I want to prophesy that in some years from now, the idea of tithing in the church will be history, something people read in church history books and not something relevant to them. 

It would go into the dustbin of history just as it happened to the idea of the selling of indulgences in the Catholic Church prior to the coming of Martin Luther. 

The selling of “indulgence” was the in-thing at that time because that was the “truth” as pushed by the church leadership. 

The leadership wanted to build massive cathedrals, so in order to raise the funds, they told the people that for them to get forgiveness of sins for themselves and for their departed love ones, they only needed to give some money, as a form of divine exchange (does that sound familiar?). 

Now you are wondering how could people buy into that. Those people (leaders) sat “in the seat of Moses”, so to speak, and whatever they said was the truth was never questioned by the generality of the people, who had no access to the text of scriptures. 

<The invention of the printing machine would give wind to the spread of truth to free many at that time, just as the internet (specifically facebook) is doing now>

So in fear (does that sound familiar?) that your sins would not be forgiven and you will go to hell, the money kept coming in and the cathedral they wanted to build kept rising. 

Now they say that those who don’t have respect for history are bound to repeat it. History is being repeated in our time and I will tell you why. 

With the intense work of Martin Luther and co, we now know that forgiveness of sins is a gift of God’s grace, even those who believe that they can lose their salvation agree with that. Selling of indulgences have become history as tithing would become history. 

While the Catholic Church in those time focused you on giving money (as a commandment from God, so they say) to guarantee your afterlife

The tithe and firstfruit advocates are focusing us on the earthly. They want you to guarantee your earthly life with the giving of tithes and first fruits 

In the first instance, the Catholic (which means universal) church wanted you to secure your afterlife by paying some money. 

In this instance the universal church (you agree with me that the tithe thing is global) wants you to secure your earthly life with money. 

Now they use a lot of Bible verses. But they forget that Satan also quote scriptures. They forget that it does not matter what they do,  they cannot be as devoted to scriptures as the Pharisees who were severally condemned by Jesus and who ensured he was crucified

I say to you like Paul,  paraphrasing him: If you tithe, the sacrifice of Jesus is meaningless to you. You have invented a bondage for yourself. 

He said it about circumcision, I am saying it about tithing. If you tithe you have fallen from grace. 

I want you to read the book of Galatians and everywhere you see circumcision, put tithe there because both circumcision and tithe where before the law (if that is your strong pro-tithing point). Then you will see clearly. Interestingly, the book of Galatians was pivotal in the truth campaign of Martin Luther. 

Galatians was written by Paul to encourage that church to refuse to give in to those who want to put them in bondage (in the specific context of circumcision;  our own context is tithing), he said they have been called to liberty.

Until the church as a whole drop the tithing thing, we would not grow up into the image of the Christ, the son of God and liberty will be far from us. We would remain children and not come into our inheritance. 

Just as the message of sola scriptura, that is, the scriptures alone, was the wind that swept away the false doctrine of the sale of indulgence a few hundred years ago, (and brought to light the true meaning of salvation as by grace alone) it is the message of Christocentricness (or shall we call it Jesus alone, or Sola Christos) that will sweep away the false doctrine of tithing (bringing to light the finished works of Christ as true prosperity as spiritual alone). 

Don’t say you did not hear. It is time for the manifestation of the sons of God, and that cannot happen side by side with tithing which is bondage to the law since sonship is synonymous to liberty.

That is the truth. 

Thank you.

​Righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost is the Kingdom of God 

Righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost is the Kingdom of God 
Not tithing, first fruits and money consciousness

Let me quote the whole verse I was referring to in that first sentence. 

“The kingdom of God is not in meat and drink, but in righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” 
But an emphasis on tithing in the church with church leaders using their authority to push that false doctrine has presented the kingdom of God as meat and drink, as things earthly.

They say you must be born again for heavenly assurance but tithe for earthly assurance.

They say things like, if you don’t tithe you have signed up for penury (oh, how scary hahahahaha) 
They say tithing opens the windows of heaven, while still maintaining that we have been blessed and are seated with Jesus in the heavenly 
They say tithing prevents the devourer and they also say that Jesus appears to destroy the works of the devil

(Are they not the epitome of confusion?)

They say God commands tithing, while again saying that Moses and Jesus appeared on a mountain and God said from heaven: “this is my beloved son, hear him”. And Moses disappeared.

(They are two faced, double minded and cannot receive anything from God.)

They want us to go back to Moses (who is dead, as we are dead to the law), when Joshua (Jesus) is meant to take us to the promised land, our inheritance.

They have divided the gospel into two things,
what Christ as done for you 


what you should now do for prosperity. The call the latter different names 

Kingdom wealth principles 

Covenant wealth, Covenant responsibilities. etc.

They are spiritual illiterates though they bear titles of PhD.

They push the materialistic gospel which is the false gospel.

It is the meat and drink gospel, which is no gospel at all, which perpetually points you to your own works and away from Christ. So you boast and you feel guilty in turn, tossed to and fro.

Those pushing this are therefore disqualified from building the kingdom of God because the kingdom of God is not meat and drink, not something physical.

The materialistic gospel is no gospel at all because it turns the words of Jesus on the cross from “It is finished” to “Go and finish it”. It is the anti Christ spirit because it contradicts the works of Christ, which is finished.

Don’t be deceived. Whatsoever a man sows he will reap. In tithing you sow to the flesh (your early life, sowing to meat and drink) and you will reap corruption, regardless of what you think you are reaping.

The scriptures cannot be broken. You are reaping corruption instead of moving into glorious liberty where you will lead the creation into freedom from corruption.

The Old covenant is the ministration of death. When you preach tithing you are ministering death. You have no excuse not to change, except you are stiff-necked and determined to resist the Holy Spirit. 

Thank you

​If you collect tithe in your church, you are building your own kingdom 

If you collect tithe in your church, you are building your own kingdom 

Because in the kingdom of God, populated by Sons, the sons are not levied

So it is because you are building your own kingdom that is why you keep seeking for revival, you keep seeking for divine visitation. It is your kingdom and not God’s kingdom that is why you have to beg God to come visit, beg him to give you a sprinkle of his life for your revival.

I know you are sincere. But you are sincerely building your kingdom

You are the new Pharaoh on the block, asking the people to make blocks for you to build your kingdom.

They are only as valuable as they are helping you build your kingdom.

Their going to work, being in business is to help you build your kingdom,  as they bring in the tithes in basic expression of their commitment to your kingdom. 

And your kingdom can at best be earthly, even though you call it “Heavenly Church International”, if you collect tithes.

Let me tell you how the kingdom is built. Here, the people don’t bring the stones. They are the stones. Glory.

Jesus said I will build my church. And I say to you, if you collect tithes, you are building “your own church”. You are laying up your treasures on the earth where moth will get to. And if you pay tithe (meaning you pay because you feel that is what God wants) you are supporting a man building his own kingdom.

Let me tell you how the kingdom of God is built, which is beyond your narrow vision.

In the Kingdom of God, the people are the living stones. Hallelujah. They don’t bring the stones, they are the stones. They don’t bring the tithe, they are the tithe that Christ is offering to God.

They are the one tenth of the people in the earth that would emerge to be sons in the last days.

You cannot be the stone and still bring stone. The latter is going to be a pitiable building of the kingdom of men and judgement is coming to it. Because in the shaking, only the kingdom will stand.

I have shown you the difference between the kingdom of man and the kingdom of God. In the kingdom of men, you pay tithes (that is Saul), in the kingdom of God, the people are the stones (David). And Jesus will seat on the throne of David.

In the church Jesus is building, not man, we are the tithes that Jesus is bringing to God.

Paul gave a hint of this when he said that he wants the present to God the offering of the gentiles, sanctified by the Holy Spirit.

Thank you.

​The spiritual understanding of tithing and first fruits

The spiritual understanding of tithing and first fruits

The whole levitical priesthood has three components, 
1. Sacrifice/Offering 

2. Temple 

3. Ministers

The three are intertwined.

The sacrifice is brought to the temple and the Levites take it and offer it to God on behalf of the people. Simple right?

But the temple is now spiritual. Jesus is the temple. And Jesus is the High Priest. And Jesus is the offering (all the shades of offering point to him) to God, (so that we are accepted by God, if we accept the sacrifice).

What Jesus is in the ultimate sense, we are in a relative sense.

So we are the temple of the Holy Spirit 

We have been made priests unto God 

And we offer our lives a living sacrifice 

And the works of our hands are tried in fire as an offering to God to see what sort it is.

So where does tithing as practised by many in the church (a type of offering in the Old Testament) fit in here? It fits into our greed, it has no place in the New Covenant, no place in the New creature.

As I have stated in an earlier post, the tithe (and first fruits also) has to be a product of the earth, animal and crop, as a product of your labour in that context, that is under the Old Testament. It has to be a living thing.

We are the product of the labour of Jesus. The Bible says that he shall see the travail of his soul and he will be glad, rejoice.

He fell to the ground and died and many sons emerged who are also called to die, carry their cross and follow Jesus in an unending cycle of sacrifice on the earth. One offering to God leads to many offerings to God.

The corollary to the old testament offerings of first fruit and tithing in the New Testament is us as Christians, living things (in a spiritually alive sense). (remember that man is a product of the earth also.)

The people labouring over us (as representatives of Jesus in the five fold cadre) are the labourers with God; we are God’s farmland, field. All these are established in scriptures.

It was never about cash, Old Testament tithing I mean, but just living things from the earth (ref Genesis 1, 2).

Paul calls certain people the first fruit of Achaia. So we see clearly that in the New Testament, the first fruit are human beings.

He said he wants to offer to God the offering of the gentiles sanctified by the Holy Spirit.

In another place Jesus is called the first fruit from the dead (and we are raised up in him).

So it is triply clear that the first fruit has taken on a new meaning in the new testament and it refers to human beings.

So to bring first fruits in the sense of the Old Testament now is to obey the law and to be under obligation to obey all the laws and you have fallen from grace. The Bible did not mince words in this regard. It is without regard for how you feel about it.

The tithe is an offering to God, and in the new testament, offering to God has been given a new meaning. What is physical in the Old is spiritual in the New, what is animal and crop in the old is human lives in the new. Just as the first Adam was made a living soul, but the second Adam, a life giving spirit.

Paul said we should present (offering) our bodies as a living sacrifice.

I want to reiterate that when you emphasise first fruits and tithing in a physical/monetary sense, you are advocating the obedience to the law and you have fallen from grace (and making people fall from grace, make them slaves, because obedience to the law is termed by Paul as being in bondage in his letter to the Galatians), you have trampled underfoot the blood of Jesus. Those things have nothing to do with how you feel about it.

To do those things is to reject the New Covenant in the blood of Jesus.

Thank you.