Jesus never paid tithe because he was a carpenter not a farmer 

Jesus never paid tithe because he was a carpenter not a farmer 

When he mentioned tithing he mentioned it specifically with farm products: cumming etc

There is a sense in which whatever is tithed must come from nature (animal farming and crop farming) and nothing else.

Those who want to trace the practice of tithing to Abraham have an uphill task on their hands

Because they would have to prove that Abraham tithed all the time and from his own work. 

Those who want to trace tithing to the words of Jacob also have an uphill task, they would have to provide evidence that he fulfilled his promise

Those who want to trace tithing to Levitical practice have the most uphill task to climb because there is now no such order recognised by God. To say otherwise is to claim that Jesus never died.

Those who want to trace tithing to Malachi really has no basis except to link it back to the levitical priesthood, nothing else. And I won’t repeat why that does not hold water anymore. 

None of the Apostles tithed because they were not involved in farming (cultivating).

The allowance in the old testament for the person to turn his animals and crops into cash because of long distance from the temple was a concession.

It was very clear that God has a thing against cash. He knows cash corrupts, and can lead to accumulation. If tithe is animal and crop, you can only eat it and not hoard in the way mammon can be hoarded (using very small space and for an “infinite” time, unlike animal and agricultural products) and we would have corruption in the house of God because the love of money has been and would remain the root of all evils. That means when you break evil down, there is a love of money lurking somewhere there. 

Peter who was a Fisherman did not pay tithe. Fishing involves no cultivation. 

Jesus had support from the women who gave him cash and he never tithed them in the sense of taking them to the temple. Because the understanding was that it had to be animal or crop products that you produce yourself. 

He was a carpenter and never tithed. 

When the economy was changing in Israel and around the world and cash started to gain som prominence, the minders of the temple decided to modify things, change with the tide. They started collecting temple tax. Jesus protested privately against it, but paid it anyway, reluctantly, not willingly. 

The culture of tithing as practised by many of the church now is not different from the temple tax. They put the name of God on it, but Jesus says the sons are free from any form of levy in the kingdom. 

But they have to latch on to scriptures as much as possible to have some measure of legitimacy. 

But really there is no biblical basis for tithing in any sense whatsoever. 

Some would say, how would the church be funded then? There are churches who have stopped pushing tithing and the giving has increased. Tithing and fear go together and fear has to do with bondage. 

Some would fight me that tithing is working for them. 

Very good. But those who worship idols would say the same thing. Because something worked does not make it truth. 

And don’t tell me Kenneth Hagin said Holy Spirit told him that someone was sick because he did not tithe. 

If I allow that to sway me from truth, then I would have to be called an Haginnian not a Christian. 

Thank you


Author: Kayode Crown

Bible teacher, Christian blogger, writer, journalist

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