​Why God allowed the tithing delusion

Why God allowed the tithing delusion

1. To show that because something is widespread and heavily defended with a lot of “God told me”s, does not mean it is God sent and truly inspired. 

2. To show that because very big and visible (with proofs) men of God, with genuine call and walk with God approve and preach it (write volumes about it, bought and adopted by millions), does not mean it is truth. Only Christ is the truth. This is to sharpen the focus of the bride of Christ on Christ, and him and him alone 

3. To show that Abraham is not the focus, the law is not the focus, the prophets (e.g. Malachi) is not the focus, but Christ

4. To make you have to choose between God’s approval of man’s approval. It is to make everyman choose between human approval, what is popular and God’s approval and what is truth. And the prize you are willing to pay for truth, if truly you are not a swine but put a premium on divine truth. 

5. To bring to light the hidden motivation of man. And that motivation is more important than action. 

6. To prove the identity of the true church. To train the church in absolute commitment to truth. Those who come off the tithing delusion (test that the whole church has been subjected to) can move on to qualify for higher spiritual things at this time that it is just “one hour” before Jesus comes back. Matthew 20:6

7. It is intense discernment training for the sons. This really separates the sheep from the goat, the wheat from the tares. The true church from the false, the lies of mammon from the genuineness of the call of God. 

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Author: Kayode Crown

Bible teacher, Christian blogger, writer, journalist

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