​Who are the levites?

Who are the levites?

The whole idea that there are some people between us and God is stupid. 
Very stupid.

The Apostles prophets teachers pastors evangelist are not your priests, they are your servants (whether they are “full-time” or not).

I am your servant not your lord. I am not your mentor, I am not your “spiritual father,” I am your servant.

You are not my protege. You have not finished being the protege of the Holy Spirit. Or have you?

We are all priests. There are no levites.

You need to understand that God did not have the plan for a particular tribe to function as priests. What God wanted was a nation of priests. Exodus 19:6

That did not work out with the way the children of Israel behaved in the wilderness. So a tribe was carved out called Levites who were rewarded with that position, to assist the house of Aaron.

But it has worked out in Christ 


Don’t allow anyone to lord it over you, including me. The way the church is presently structured is so warped.

One man of God said the problem is “lordism” in the church.

If you have been reading my posts you will see how I speak again the lordship of some over others. They think it is their right to lord it over others. They are so full of pride. They ascribe positions for themselves over others, adopting worldly thinking, calling themselves mentors and others their proteges and disciples.

What a shame.

There are no levites now. Because they were never supposed to be any before.

What God wanted was a nation of priests and he now has it.

The devil can go to hell. 

Thank you.

So what does that have to do with tithing. Nothing.  Hahahaha.

What is physical in the Old Covenant (some people think we are talking about books) is spiritual in the New.

There is no way you carry over the physical concept of tithing in the Old Testament to the new by making it cash based now.

Ko le werk.

So stop trying to say the tithe is for all because all are priests, or the tithes is for both priests and Levites and you say the pastors are priests and the levites are choir members etc. 

Ko le werk 

We are spiritual priests and the tithes is now spiritual (please refer to my previous posts for a break down of the latter.)

Thank you.


Author: Kayode Crown

Bible teacher, Christian blogger, writer, journalist

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