​Tithing and the confused identity of Christians

Tithing and the confused identity of Christians

Are we Christians or are we Jews

Are we Gentiles or are we Jews

Are we spiritual seed of Abraham or are we physical seeds 

By the wholesale adoption of tithing in the church, our identity have been confused

Are we really saved or we are trying to be saved

Has the Jesus died saying it is finished or we are trying to finish somethings through tithing 

Is the riches of the kingdom, money or the blessings we have been blessed with (past tense)  in Jesus

Are we supposed to seek to be justified by obedience of the law or are we justified by the blood of Jesus? 

Which one is wish? We have to choose. 

The church has suffered identity crisis. 

Are we children of God, or the tax payers of God?

Are we greater than the Jews through faith in Jesus or we should be trying to be like the Jews by obeying the law
Has Christ fulfilled the law or he has fulfilled most but have left tithing for us to fulfill?

Which one is which? It cannot be the two.

People sent to John, who are you, are you the Christ, are you Elijah. He said I am the voice of one who crying in the wilderness, make straight the way of the Lord. 

His identity was clear. You cannot be confusing Jesus with Moses, or Elijah.
How you see yourself is a reflection of how you see Christ. If you see him as Moses, then you will be obeying the law.  If you see that everything is completed in Christ, you cannot at the same time be tithing. 

To tithe means you say it is not finished, when Jesus said it is finished. 

It is the garden of Eden all over again. Satan said: did God really say that you should not eat of the fruit… 

With tithing, Satan is saying, is it really finished?
Are you sure of your identity? With tithing is your identity not confused? Are you not going about establishing your own righteousness (via the law, when you tithe), when Christ has become our righteousness? 

Is this really extremely pathetic? Have we not enthroned spiritual slavery? Is this the church Christ is building or a joke? If it is the church Christ is building, it will bear the identity of Christ, not of Moses. With tithing, human beings are building their own church. 

It is time to abandon tithing. That ship is going to be shipwrecked. 

Thank you.


Author: Kayode Crown

Bible teacher, Christian blogger, writer, journalist

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