​The wealth of the earth is for everyone and not just the church

The wealth of the earth is for everyone and not just the church
God is concerned about poverty in Nepal, injustice in the Nigeria’s southsouth. 

The doctrine that says that the only concern of God for the earth is just the church is erroneous. That is God put in the bottle,  and viewed through religious glasses. 

That is why the church has become extremely selfish and not socially conscious, not concerned with impact in the society. That is why we have the pyramidal structure of the church where everyone pulls in the resources into the church and the poor within the church are vilified because of the over spiritualisation of the concept of wealth. 

There is nothing spiritual about wealth. Rather the root of all evil is the love of money. There is nothing spiritual about having the latest model of car, flying the latest model of planes. These are things the gentiles seek and they have it. These are things the gentiles define their lives by. But we are supposed to define our life by the kingdom. Hence Jesus said that the life of a man does not consist in the abundance of things he possesses. But the demonic concept that the wealth of the earth is for the church has led to a wholesale derailment of the church. And my conclusion is that our head is not correct.

Let Ecclesiastes 5:9 knock sense into us all. It reads: Moreover the profit (increase) of the earth is for all: the king himself is served by the field.
The profit of the earth is for all. When the nation prospers, the whole people there is impacted. God dispersed the children of Israel to “Babylon” (a picture of the worldly system) and through Jeremiah he said to them (In Jeremiah 29:7): “And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it: for in the peace (wealth) thereof shall ye have peace.”
Easyenglish version: ” Try to make the city where you are living rich. Pray to the *LORD that it will do well. If it does become rich, you will become rich too.’

Isv: “Seek the welfare of the city to which I’ve exiled you and pray to the LORD for it, for your welfare depends on its welfare.’
NET: “Work to see that the city where I sent you as exiles enjoys peace and prosperity. Pray to the LORD for it. For as it prospers you will prosper.’
All that should sink into your mind. 

There is no design by God for the church to be “more prosperous” in material things than the unbelievers in a particular society, because the increase of the land is for all. 
Whether you are Baptist or atheist, the increase of the land is for all, whether you are an idol worshiper or a Catholic bishop, the increase of the land is for all, whether you are Bishop Oyedepo or Master nobody, the increase of the land is for ALL. 
That is why the issues of oppression concerns God, whether in the church or outside the church, because oppression is the tool of the devil to say that God’s word that the increase of the land is for all is not true. Justice is the foundation of the throne of God. 
The increase of the land is for all. Whether you are a fornicator, adulterer, the increase of the earth is for all. It is only the increase of the kingdom that is exclusively for the believers, the riches in Christ etc. 
Please cast your mind back again to the word of Jeremiah which gives a picture of our situation as Christians who are not of this world but in the world. (When we continue to “drag” worldly riches with unbelievers, we have lost our identity, thinking we can get what they got via seed sowing.) 
In that passage, God was warning through Jeremiah that the prophets who are saying “my case is different” and telling the people to say so are false prophets. 
He was telling them, make sure you are actively seeking and praying for the prosperity of the land because your case is not different, you are going to proper if the land prospers, you are going to have peace if the land has peace. 
So they were supposed to use their “spirituality” through prayer to pray that God “blesses” the land, because there is no special package of prosperity for the “covenant” children of Israel. 
Remember, these people that they were in their midst were idol worshippers and they just invaded their lands and took them captive, probably maiming and killing thousands. You would expect that they should hate, be unforgiving and be planning to secede, form an army and cause insurgency, revenge.
But the “covenant” children of Israel, were supposed to both seek and pray for the prosperity of the land, because there is no special “prosperity” for the children of God, we prosper as the land prospers. And “seeking” comes before praying. 
God did not have a plan of “supernatural wealth transfer” for them. They have to ensure in whatever way they can that the people there, extreme idols worshippers and blasphemers, prospers. The wealth of the land is still for all. 
There is nothing spiritual about prosperity because the wealth of the land is for all. 
The false prophets have said two opposing things, “have nothing to do with the wealth of the earth” AND “everything is about the wealth of the earth.:
They have created a special classification for Christians with regards to what is physical. 
According to the word sent through Jeremiah, God said: I did not send those “prophets.” 
What is prevalent in our days are those who claim Christians will enjoy special treatment from God in the area of economics because they are Christians.
And they have lied that the kingdom way to wealth is tithe, offerings and seed sowing. The space here does not suffice me to fully analyse the error of those positions. But suffice it to say that the basis of their assertion is the false idea of “my case is different”. No. Your case is not different but the wealth of the land is for all. Your spiritual case is different, your natural case is not different. 
Only the riches in Christ are exclusively for Christians and that does not include naira and kobo. Jesus has no naira and kobo to give you, he has no houses to give you, no businesses to give you. Stop deceiving yourself. He has given his life for you, now carry your cross and follow him. Deny yourself, deny your earthly life and gain more of his spirit life. 
The wealth of the earth is not just for the church but the church benefits because we are still in the world, though “genetically” not of the world. 
That is why in the nations that are poor the church is poor too. Let’s stop deceiving ourselves. 
Let’s stop deceiving ourselves about some heavenly economy that does not exist as if God spends dollars or naira. We are backing the wrong horse. We are focused on the wrong things, using the wrong approach. 
See what Paul said: “But our citizenship is in heaven – and we also await a savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ,” (NET).
Let’s not get it twisted. 
There is no naira and kobo (dollars, pounds, euros) in heaven. It is in that context that we heard that having food and raiment, let us be content. And God said that we would have what the gentiles have and not more than them. It is not an earthly competition at all. 
The church should stop lusting after the wealth of Dangote/ Bill Gates/ Mark Zuckerberg and wishing he was a tither in your church. 
Our heavenly/kingdom consciousness is not the same as seeking for “spiritual” means to be wealthy. There is no spiritual means to be wealthy.

The wealth of the earth is for all, not as in all of us going to cut the national cake but rather as Jeremiah wrote to the Jews in dispersion:

“Build ye houses, and dwell in them; and plant gardens, and eat the fruit of them;”

He told them to invest and that can come in a million ways different from what obtains in the socioeconomic reality of that time. 

The erroneous kingdom wealth mindedness of this generation is a demonically induced reaction to the erroneous “segregation” mindset of the generation before. Both are erroneous. So in rejecting the appellation of church rat, we have become greedy (spiritually senseless) rats, loving the world and the things in the world.

Both persuasions are lies of the enemy, taking the truth of God’s word and twisting it. In the first, we are blind to the wealth of the earth which is for all, in the second we have thought the wealth of the earth is for the church, hence the wealth transfer heresy and the attendant money delusion. 

There is no wealth transfer coming. The scriptures cannot be broken: the wealth of the earth is for all. If you can see it, it is for all. Period. 

You are supposed to think of the poor as your social responsibility in the provision of basic necessity, and invest (and that is possible in a number of ways) for return to yourself and to others. 

Understand that in the Bible, when certain churches are in financial distress, other churches located in a different region contribute to help. Because what happens in a financial sense in a society affects Christians in that society.

And wealth is not supposed to satisfy us, we are supposed to be looking for the return of Jesus who is our ” true riches/wealth.” 

The distressed churches were not told: it is because you have not sowed enough that is why your “case” is like this. This sowing and the spiritualisation of wealth has developed a callous heart in the church. 

But John, not spiritualising wealth at all, noted that if you see your brother in needs, help if you can help. Don’t spiritualise his situation by saying: I will be praying for you.
Not understanding that the wealth of the earth is for all has led to church people not being active in politics, in business and other spheres of life as they should, including entertainment which gives enjoyment to human being. Why?  Because they are waiting for breakthrough through sowing (or breakthrough through rapture.)
The former (which is prevalent now) has spiritualised wealth and the result is that we do not have the wealth and have lost the spirit. 
We are supposed to be involved in all sphere of society, because we are light and our contributions will add to the wealth of the land for the benefit of all and not just for your church members. 
Do you understand?
So if you become governor, if you set up a business, or entertain people, many would enjoy the entertainment and in that we are “investing” in the society and the wealth (return, increase) of the land (via everyone’s investment) is for the benefit of ALL. 
When you get the job done in your office, you are investing etc, and benefiting the society through offering services and setting up industries. 
Church people’s vision when it comes to different areas of the society is crippled because we want to sow to be wealthy or we want to just rapture. And sowing for wealth is a form of “rapture”.
Thank you.


Author: Kayode Crown

Bible teacher, Christian blogger, writer, journalist

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