​The mixing of the church with the economic system

The mixing of the church with the economic system

In the Middle Ages what happened was the mixing of the church with the political system of the world.

Now we talk about separation of church and state, then the church was the state.

That is hard to imagine now, just as later in the future it would be hard to imagine how the church could have embraced tithing, because the very structure of the church would be changed. But it won’t happened in a day.

But that it happened that the church at that time was mixed with the politics, it has happened now that the church is mixed with economics with the tithing issue. We have conformed to the world.

As the political position was vigorously defended by the church leaders at that time, from scriptures, the church is now vigorously defending the mixing of the church with worldly economy via tithing, from scriptures.

A basic foundation of the economy of nations is taxation. The economy of nations picked up during the industrial revolution and taxation became the foundation of the wealth of nations. We need to understand that, otherwise, you would not understand anything about the economy of nations.

This piece is not an analysis of economics, so I will not dwell on that too much.

At the basic level, tithing is the church adopted taxation system for its funding. Nobody can say it is not the truth. And it shows we have conformed to this world.

The above argument is not a novel one. Of course you know I am a vehement opposer to the idea, notion and practice of tithing in the church. 
The above argument was made by late Myles Munroe. And he is very pro tithing. He said that tithing is the taxation system of the church (he calls it the kingdom) just as any other nation has its taxation system.

The problem with the above line of argument that I making is that people start to think, how dare you, don’t you know how great Myles Munroe is. We get all emotional and cannot think straight against. Be getting ready to stone me. Hahaha.

He sees the kingdom of God adopting the earthly tenet of taxation. Of course he is wrong.

The church has become a place of buying and selling. You bring your tithe and God will favour you; you bring your tithe and you show commitment to this house and certain benefits becomes yours. We can make you deacons, would wed you, as examples.

But Myles Munroe, who they loved is the one broke open the layers of falsehood that tithing has been covered with and called it TAXATION.

As I have stated in an earlier post, the idea of tithes being practiced by the church is not different from the temple tax collected in the times of Jesus. It was called temple TAX. Does that ring a bell?

A tax is a percentage of your income collected by the state, for the state to be able to continue to take care of you. So you contribute to help the state to take care of you.

In Christ, God has already taken care of us, we have need of nothing. He needs nothing from us.

But the mixing of the church with the economic system says no, you have to pay tithe for God to take care of you. Otherwise God would not be able to. We have created a God in the shape of our human governments.

What is wrong with paying tithes as tax? Just as I can demand for my right from the government based on that, I have something to boast about when God “shows up” in my life. That means the blood of Jesus is not enough.

What an insult to Jesus, to God who went through a lot to give up his son. So if something happened in the negative, people say, but God I am a tither. They have created a God in the image of their government. You know if the government is not doing something right, you say: but we are paying our taxes.

God would not be insulted any longer. Let’s not take the grace of God for granted

When I pay my taxes, I use that as the basis to access government benefits.


So when we pay tithe, we begin to claim some benefit from God. It means Jesus is not enough. It means he lied when on the cross he said: it is finished. 

We need to tread carefully.

Thank you.


Author: Kayode Crown

Bible teacher, Christian blogger, writer, journalist

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