​Robbing God in tithes and offering 

Robbing God in tithes and offering 
When we get to heaven, Malachi will tell some Christians, 

“Are you so dull, don’t you know that I was not writing something for you to do. Don’t you know that John the Baptist is greater than everyone born of a woman including me. And he points the attention to Christ. You should not have advocated tithe focused on a regular observance, but as something fulfilled in Christ. How can you be so blind!

“Don’t you know that in Christ God collected his tithe of the earth, as the Bible says the tithe is “holy to the Lord.”

“Have you heard that phrase before? That phrase is attached to the forehead of the High Priest in Israel. 

“And just as the whole of the levitical priesthood points to Jesus, the tithe points to Jesus (The ultimate High Priest).”

Jesus our High Priest in Holy to the Lord, according to the Old Testament definition of Holiness. You cannot be more holy to the Lord, than being the Lord yourself. 

Just as as the lamb is Christ, and was slain, the tithe is Christ and was paid. 

The only reason you can continue to pay tithe is if you would also continue to sacrifice lamb every new month. It should be very clear. Should it not. 

They say that you are cursed with a curse if you don’t bring in all the tithe and offering, but Jesus is the tithe offering. (Please understand that the word “and” is not in the original Hebrew, and so it is tithe offering and not tithe “and” offering. That is why in the next verse it says, bring in all the tithe to my house). And Christ becomes curse/sin for us. This has nothing to do with what we do or not do. 

In that case, it makes sense that Paul would write that Jesus became a curse for us. By choosing Jesus I chose him as my tithe (and in him, I become the tithe to God, just like in Him I become righteous, as he is righteous) and I do not smell of any curse because Christ is my curse. 

Let us stop looking at the Old Testament as something to be fulfilled by us, it has been fulfilled by Christ. They point to him. Even tithe point to Christ, not to your salary. 

Can we wake up.

Just as God provided for himself the sacrifice when he asked Abraham to make a sacrifice of his son, God has provided the tithe in the shape of his son Jesus. Let us rejoice and give thanks. Robbing or not robbing is therefore not an issue. Man could rob God, but God could not rob himself, he provided for himself the tithe offering. 

The word says bring all the tithe to my house. Do we still think the house of God is something made with hands. God’s house is heaven. And Jesus is seated at the right hand of power and we in him as the tithe. 

Do you get it? What is physical in the Old is spiritual in the New, what is constant practice in the old becomes fulfilled once and for all in Christ, not for continual practice by us. The circumcision which is physical in the Old, is the circumcision of the heart in the new, which God himself does and not man. 

And can you please help me tell that brother to stop deceiving himself that tithe was before the law. Is he too hard headed to realise that Abraham was not a tither in any sense of the word. And if not for the law, that brother won’t be tithing at all, if paraadventure that item (tithe) was not in the law of Moses. 

Please tell him to stop deceiving himself.

Thank you.


Author: Kayode Crown

Bible teacher, Christian blogger, writer, journalist

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