​Manifestation of sons

Manifestation of sons

What marks Sons is liberty.

Paul wrote that the creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God, so that it can be delivered from corruption into the glorious liberty of the sons of God. 

The sons are free, they pay no levy in the kingdom. 

Until the church move away from bondage to the law, and specifically tithing, we would continue to be children still subjecting ourselves to human regulations (tradition of men) masquerading as truth of God. 

I want to prophesy that in some years from now, the idea of tithing in the church will be history, something people read in church history books and not something relevant to them. 

It would go into the dustbin of history just as it happened to the idea of the selling of indulgences in the Catholic Church prior to the coming of Martin Luther. 

The selling of “indulgence” was the in-thing at that time because that was the “truth” as pushed by the church leadership. 

The leadership wanted to build massive cathedrals, so in order to raise the funds, they told the people that for them to get forgiveness of sins for themselves and for their departed love ones, they only needed to give some money, as a form of divine exchange (does that sound familiar?). 

Now you are wondering how could people buy into that. Those people (leaders) sat “in the seat of Moses”, so to speak, and whatever they said was the truth was never questioned by the generality of the people, who had no access to the text of scriptures. 

<The invention of the printing machine would give wind to the spread of truth to free many at that time, just as the internet (specifically facebook) is doing now>

So in fear (does that sound familiar?) that your sins would not be forgiven and you will go to hell, the money kept coming in and the cathedral they wanted to build kept rising. 

Now they say that those who don’t have respect for history are bound to repeat it. History is being repeated in our time and I will tell you why. 

With the intense work of Martin Luther and co, we now know that forgiveness of sins is a gift of God’s grace, even those who believe that they can lose their salvation agree with that. Selling of indulgences have become history as tithing would become history. 

While the Catholic Church in those time focused you on giving money (as a commandment from God, so they say) to guarantee your afterlife

The tithe and firstfruit advocates are focusing us on the earthly. They want you to guarantee your earthly life with the giving of tithes and first fruits 

In the first instance, the Catholic (which means universal) church wanted you to secure your afterlife by paying some money. 

In this instance the universal church (you agree with me that the tithe thing is global) wants you to secure your earthly life with money. 

Now they use a lot of Bible verses. But they forget that Satan also quote scriptures. They forget that it does not matter what they do,  they cannot be as devoted to scriptures as the Pharisees who were severally condemned by Jesus and who ensured he was crucified

I say to you like Paul,  paraphrasing him: If you tithe, the sacrifice of Jesus is meaningless to you. You have invented a bondage for yourself. 

He said it about circumcision, I am saying it about tithing. If you tithe you have fallen from grace. 

I want you to read the book of Galatians and everywhere you see circumcision, put tithe there because both circumcision and tithe where before the law (if that is your strong pro-tithing point). Then you will see clearly. Interestingly, the book of Galatians was pivotal in the truth campaign of Martin Luther. 

Galatians was written by Paul to encourage that church to refuse to give in to those who want to put them in bondage (in the specific context of circumcision;  our own context is tithing), he said they have been called to liberty.

Until the church as a whole drop the tithing thing, we would not grow up into the image of the Christ, the son of God and liberty will be far from us. We would remain children and not come into our inheritance. 

Just as the message of sola scriptura, that is, the scriptures alone, was the wind that swept away the false doctrine of the sale of indulgence a few hundred years ago, (and brought to light the true meaning of salvation as by grace alone) it is the message of Christocentricness (or shall we call it Jesus alone, or Sola Christos) that will sweep away the false doctrine of tithing (bringing to light the finished works of Christ as true prosperity as spiritual alone). 

Don’t say you did not hear. It is time for the manifestation of the sons of God, and that cannot happen side by side with tithing which is bondage to the law since sonship is synonymous to liberty.

That is the truth. 

Thank you.


Author: Kayode Crown

Bible teacher, Christian blogger, writer, journalist

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