​Lay no other burden

Lay no other burden

When a council was organised in the Jerusalem about the issue of if Christians of gentile origin should observe the law of Moses. The conclusion was unequivocal. 

They wrote in their conclusion: It seems good to the Holy Spirit and to us to lay “no greater burden on you”, and they mention matter of idolatry and fornication. 

How people in my time would with bold face champion tithing is beyond me. It weak me. People have bent over backwards to accommodate tithing in their theology, they have embraced a lie and are disqualified for higher truth. They do grievous damage to their capacity for truth, they dull their spiritual sense, with their fixation on carnality which tithing engenders. 

Am I supposed to follow man or to follow Christ? 

I heard a pastor preach on the pulpit when he cannot even convince himself that tithing is good, he said that the people should tithe because he said so, to show their obedience to him, believe in him. If that is not emotional blackmail, I don’t know what is. Should we now start to worship you and not follow the truth, when you did not die for us? Some people are just too full of themselves. 

Your understanding of scriptures would take a leap if you just drop your romance with tithe. 

You cannot be preoccupied with the law of tithing and be preoccupied with Christ at the same time. Your romance with the law will make your love for Christ cold. 

It means you are neither hot nor cold, and you continue to pretend that you are Christian while rejecting his sacrifice with your commitment to tithing as your “saviour” at least in a measure, when Christ is the one who saves to the uttermost. 

Those who mix law with grace, even a little bit, are neither hot nor cold. Christ might have tolerated them for a while, but he is about to spew them out of his mouth. 

The Laodicea church, of whom the above was written about, derived their identity from what is natural. There is no tither who does not feel superior because he tithes, does not feel what he has is because of what he gives. 

In that case you have stepped out of grace, fallen from grace. That is what tithing does for you, it makes you look to yourself (and away from Christ who is full of grace) and makes you fall from grace. If you seek to be justified by the law you have fallen from grace. With tithe you seek to be justified by the law. 

Pastors, how can you be so heartless, making people fall from grace all over the place with the way you preach tithing? 

Return to your first love. 

But you ask me: how does what you do with your money have to do with me. 

Absolutely nothing, my brother. 
But you can block me now instead of fight. At least one person has done that recently that I am aware of. 

But again I say, if you tithe, you have fallen from grace and are obligated to do all the law. At least I owe you the truth. And have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth. 

And please don’t tell me tithing was before the law.  

Thank you.


Author: Kayode Crown

Bible teacher, Christian blogger, writer, journalist

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