​Jesus didn’t promise that Christians would be materially richer than unbelievers

Jesus didn’t promise that Christians would be materially richer than unbelievers. 

He said you should seek first the kingdom and you would still have what the gentiles are seeking for. He did not say the gentiles won’t get what they are seeking for. 

His mission was not to get you to compete monetarily with the unbelievers. Not at all. 

Anyone teaching you, from the pulpit, how to make more money, is wasting your time. Jesus did not send that messenger. He is on his own.

The prosperity message is false. If it is not false then only believers should be rich. It is a waste of your time. Turning God into a vending machine. That is not the true gospel. It is another gospel.

Somebody may ask: So are Christians supposed to be poor? That question is wrong, it presents a carnal definition of riches which is prevalent in our pulpits and so we have carnal Christians all over the place. 

The right question is: what does the believer have in Christ? Everything. That is the way we lift Jesus up and everyone is drawn to him, rather than lift money up in the house of God. 

When you read the Old Testament and all you see is prosperity in the material sense, the words of Paul have come to pass in your life that “When Moses is read, a veil is over their eyes.” 

If in the Old Testament you see secrets to material riches and not the eternal riches that already you have in Christ, then a veil is over your eyes. 

It is time for you to turn to the Lord so that that veil will be torn. It is time to stop seeing prosperity secrets from the Old Testament and start seeing Christ and his finished works. 

When you turn to the Lord, the veil will be removed and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. 

The church has not known liberty, tied as it is, to the apron string of the law, with which it seeks to have “prosperity.”

This is the Laodecian church all over again, in which they think they are rich because of their mega cathedrals but they are poor, spiritual empty, having neglected the true riches in Christ for the material gospel. 

And this is not talking about fasting, prayer or holiness, just the infinitely great finished works of Christ, with a focus on eternal relevance and God dwelling in man. What can be a greater treasure? 

Jesus is calling: “Turn to me. Turn to me for true riches.” He is at the door and knocking, because we have closed the door to him who is light and life and have turned to the law which has offered us blindness and death, having disregarded the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus, embracing the law of sin and death. 

The opposite of liberty is bondage. The earthly Jerusalem, Paul wrote, is in bondage, with all her children. Earthly Jerusalem stands for earthly mindedness. When you see earthly riches in the Old Testament, you are in bondage. 

Have you not read: if you seek to be justified (approved by God) by (via the observance of) the law, you have fallen from grace. That was stated without equivocation. It means with your own hands you cut yourself from grace. 

And Jesus is full of grace. How would you experience him fully, if you are still seeking to be justified by the law, by which you fall from grace?

If you seek to qualify for the favour of God, it means you have disregarded the sacrifice of Jesus, seeking to make your own sacrifices. You have rejected righteousness by faith, seeking to establish your own righteousness. But the road is closed. 

It is time for the liberty. The trumpet of Jubilee have sounded, you are free from the observance of the law (and the bondage it typifies) in anyway and in any form. It is time for us to be reconfigured in our inner perception. 

Thank you


Author: Kayode Crown

Bible teacher, Christian blogger, writer, journalist

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