​If you tithe, it means you have misdiagnosed what the real problem is

If you tithe, it means you have misdiagnosed what the real problem is

The real problem was sin

There was no scarcity in the Garden of Eden and there was no tithing there. 

You that preach restoration and still preach tithing, how do you do it?  

The basic template of restoration is what happened in the garden of Eden. 

And Jesus came to even take us better than that, so why would you think the ultimate of God would include something coming from your pocket? 

As if what he gave us not enough. 

Tithing is the ultimate evil of our time, mainly because it is the most subtle of Satan’s deception, which easily plays into the religion. 

What a shame. 

The problem of all humanity is sin, not money. When the devil succeeded to sell us tithing in the church, he succeeded in making us focus on money. Because he know we cannot serve God and Mammon. With tithing, you are serving Mammon. Is that not so. We are sowing to the flesh, focused on our earthly life and that means our spiritual life will suffer. 

Christ is saying to you: come up hither. 

Thank you.


Author: Kayode Crown

Bible teacher, Christian blogger, writer, journalist

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