​God knows he would have me strike at the idea of tithing in the church …

God knows he would have me strike at the idea of tithing in the church and that I would attract some attention, so he had instructed me in very clear terms to make my books free.

If I have made my books at a price, many would have accused me of trying to court controversy so that I can gain some money for myself in book sales.

My books are free at books.pronoun.com/kaycrown

I laboured for hours writing those books, not me, but the grace of God with me. I laboured and I am making those books free, and now you cannot accuse me of trying to make money.

If people hate what you stand for, they try to attack you. But you cannot accuse me of seeking financial gain for myself. You cannot.

And I want to put it on record that I would NEVER start a church. If I do then you would accuse me that, it was because I am looking for attention, looking for crowd that is why I am saying that I am saying, to draw a crowd after myself.

I am an Apostle to the eleventh hour kingdom labourer (Matthew 20:6). 

How can I be an apostle and then start a church and try to be pastoring? If I do, my village people have finally got me. lol. 

That is why I said the model of the church is faulty. I have said many things about it and I will still say things. 

I will never start a church. My role for the body of Christ is to reshape the very idea of church in this last hour before Jesus comes back. I cannot do that tied up within the walls of a church or to a people in a particular locality. That would be a weight. I did not come this far to start bearing weights. How can I guide the body of Christ in this final hour and be tied to a local agenda at the same time? 


Get my book, “The church and the money for blessings heretics” if you don’t have it already, at tinyurl.com/moneychurch

If you read the book, I feel you would be less resistant to my attempt to destroy tithing in the church. In that book, I did not mention tithe or tithing even once, because when I was writing it, I feel that God would want me to say nothing about the issue at that time. 

Now I have been released to go full throttle against it. 

Download the kobo reading app in your android phone.Then inside the app, search for, download, add it, and read. 

Thank you.


Author: Kayode Crown

Bible teacher, Christian blogger, writer, journalist

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