​Dividing the tithe

Dividing the tithe

Many people who want to pay tithe struggle with the fact that when they read the law of Moses, they see that some if it should be given to be poor and some you have to eat.

But those who push this idea of tithe would want us to just forget that and just pay the tithe.

The point is that no one really pays the tithe. You that pay the tithe don’t really pay the tithe. In trying to obey the law you become a transgressor.

The fact that you cannot obey the law of tithing in any way has not stopped the pushers from creating guilt inside people.

They have modified the law to make it fit into both the 21st century life and protect themselves. You cannot claim to follow Abraham in tithing and not the law because Abraham did not practice tithing. So let’s stop deceiving ourselves.

They say you pay the tithe to the church where you are feed. As I have said before, if you collect tithe, you are building your own kingdom and not the kingdom of God. That compromises the vision of the true church in us and so everyone is building his kingdom.

So why was it in the law that the tithe should be given to the poor (some of it)  and also that it (some of it) should be eaten right their in the temple?

What I want to say is reflective of the law being fulfilled in Christ (not to be fulfilled by us) and the substance is Christ.

The sharing with the poor from the tithe shows the priority of God. The gospel is preached to the poor and the poor in the spiritual is everyone who do not have Christ. Since what is physical in the Old Testament is spiritual in the New.

And the eating of the tithe shows fellowship with God. You have to eat it (the tithe) in the very presence of God at the temple.

When you eat the tithe in the presence of God, it is as if God is eating it with you.

Remember the words of Jesus in the book of Revelation, that he wants to eat with us and us with him.

Eating together is a picture of fellowship for the Jews. That is why it was a big deal for the Pharisees that Jesus ate with sinners. 

For us eating is just eating, but for the Jews, it goes beyond eating, it is fellowship. It is “becoming one” with the person you are eating with.

So the eating in the presence of God is fellowship.

But why the tithe, why not some other offering.

It is because the tithe is the biggest offering you bring to God at that time.

The first fruits is not the way people say it is, it is a very small part. Like you have a big maize farm, the first ripe maize is the first fruit, so it is a very small thing, and you take it to the temple and hold it in one hand and wave it.

But the church has made first fruit something that is even much more scarier than the tithe. It was the opposite in the Old Testament.

It is actually not firstfruits (plural) it is the first of the first fruits.  You bring just a sheath and wave it often the Lord. And the first fruit has nothing to do with the animals. It is fruit. Right?
So that is why the eating and the sharing with the poor has to do with the tithe, because it is something bulky. And the eating of the tithe is a picture of fellowship with God.

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Author: Kayode Crown

Bible teacher, Christian blogger, writer, journalist

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