​Abraham did many things 

Abraham did many things

Abraham gave Melchizedek a tenth of the spoils of war

If you want to pay tithe like Abraham.

 It’s really going to be complicated. 

You have to have a cousin living in Ghana. Then, Cameroon goes to Ghana and packed everyone there as slaves including their properties. 

Then you would have to have a private army from Nigeria to rescue your cousin, and everyone in Ghana and their properties; then you would give “Melchizedek” (make sure you get him somehow. Are you not a miracle worker?) a tenth of the properties you rescued from Cameroon. 

Remember I told you it’s very complicated. 

But please never say you are paying tithe because Abraham did if the above conditions are not fulfilled. 
Apart from all the above, then you would have to pay the tithe only once in your lifetime.  

And while you are at it, please also make sure you do the following things Abraham did, since you are committed to doing what Abraham did. 

1. Marry a slave

2. Have a delay in child birth 

3. Never build a house of your own

4. Set up altars and and make sacrifices on it to God. 

5. Raise a small army in your house

6. Be a slave owner

7. Never give tithe from the increase of your daily business and job 
Happy tithing. 

Thank you.


Author: Kayode Crown

Bible teacher, Christian blogger, writer, journalist

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